LINCOLN Y-Block 279-302-332-317-341-368

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Introduced in 1952, this was Ford's first production overhead valve V-8. Original displacement was 317 cu. inch for Lincolns and 279 cu inches for truck use. The Lincoln version was increased to 341 cu. in. in 1955 and then 368 cu. in. for '56-'57. The truck engine was used until 1963 in 279, 302 and 332 cu. in. displacements. Very similar in appearance to the Ford Y-Block only larger. Only the oil pump and distributor will fit Ford Y-Block.

1957 368 cu. in. in 1957 Mercury Turnpike Cruiser trim.

Lincoln Y-Block outfitted for HD truck use. Later versions were 302 and 332 cu. in. with 3.66" steel cranks.

EAD      317 cu. in.    3.800" X 3.50"   1952-54 Lincoln cars.

EAL      279 cu. in.    3.562" X 3.50"   1954 Ford HD truck.

EAM    317 cu. in.    3.800" X 3.50"   1954 Ford HD truck.

EBJ       341 cu. in.   3.937"X 3.50"    1955 Lincoln cars.

ECU      368 cu. in.   4.00" X 3.66"     1956-57  Lincoln cars, '57 Merc Turnpike Cruiser, '56 Continental  MkII.

              302 cu. in.   3.625" X 3.66"  -1963 HD Ford Truck. Steel crankshaft

              332 cu. in.  3.80" X 3.66"     -1963 HD Ford Truck. Steel crankshaft. Not the same as 332 FE

The early Lincoln V8 can be increased to 425+ cu. in. 1957 and later heads are reported to have reinforcing posts and 1.60" exhaust valves. ECU heads are generally used for performance along with the 60's 332 cu in truck 4 bbl intake which accepts modern 4 bbl carbs. 302 and 332 trucks had steel crankshafts which can be welded for stroker use. Stroke has been increased up to 4.10".

M-335 Valve Covers. Rare 1957 valve covers to match 2-4 intake. Very rare. No, we don't have any.