TUNE UP SPECIFICATIONS                         passenger side

FIRING ORDER 1-5-4-8-6-3-7-2                    1  2  3  4  distributor

                                                                  front   5  6  7  8

                                                                       driver's side (except UK, OZ)

Distributor rotation  Counter clock wise viewed from above.

Valve lash with STOCK cam              .018-.019" HOT. Engine does not need to be running.

Lash performance cams according to manufacturer's spec. .012"- .028"

Ignition timing: factory spec is 3 BTDC for manual trans, 6 BTDC for automatic. Most engines run best @ 8-10 BTDC. PERFORMANCE CAMS REQUIRE ADDITIONAL ADVANCE, OFTEN 12-15 INITIAL.

Point gap:    .014-.016"

Point dwell:  26-28

Engine idle speed 475-500 with stock cam. 600-850 with performance cam.

Spark plugs:

Recommended by Ford Champion 870, later F14Y, BF-42 or F18Y, BF-82. Too hot for most high speed use.             

 Use RF-11YC or BF-32 for freeway use. RF-9YC or BF-22 for high performance use.

MAKE Racing Mild Performance HOT TOO HOT
Champion RF-9YC RF-11YC F-14Y F-18Y
  BF-22 BF-32 BF-42 BF-82
Autolite     45 46